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Section of Science


Science Section is an organization that operates within the Faculty of Medicine, Novi Sad. The Section’s main goal is to bring science and research at the interest of students and help them participate in scientific research, which takes place at the Novi Sad School of Medicine.

Membership in the Scientific Section

Every student of integrated medical studies, undergraduate academic studies, master and doctoral studies at the Novi Sad Faculty of Medicine is entitled to be a member of the scientific section. This membership is voluntary and optional.  Each student who decides to write a student paper automatically becomes member of the section and shall respect regulations of Science Section.

Conditions of conducting student research

Those students are eligible to do research who passed the subject they wish to write the work in with a grade at least of eight (8, 9, 10) as it should be supported by a copy of Transcript of Records when submitting work. Students in their final year of study, doctors on internship who wish to write a paper in 6th year subjects, a passed exam is not required.  Details on the conditions for the procedure can be found here.

The obligations of members of the Scientific Section

Firstly, the student should select a subject from which s/he will write his/her work from. The next step is the selection of a mentor. The student should contact potential supervisors and agreed with them on the topics of research, the plan of working together. Students can choose mentors as followed:

  1. Personal agreement with the prospective mentor on the basis of preference and interest in a particular field the mentor conducts work in.
  2. Providing his/her information beside the name of the desired mentor on the bulletin board in the hall of the Faculty – once it is published by the Science Section.  In this case the Science Section will invite students and informs them about the options of contacting the future supervisor. 

The student is required to follow the updates published by the Science section, and to act according to the instructions given. Once the student has made arrangements with his/her supervisor, s/he is required to notice the Section via e-mail according to the instructions can be found here.

A student in the course of one academic year can be a first author in up to three works and be the co-author of two papers. One work can have a maximum of two co-authors. 

The conditions for mentoring and co-mentoring

Mentor and co-mentor at work can be a teaching assistant, assistant professor, associate professor, full-professor and the person elected to a scientific position. During the academic year, member of the department who meets these requirements can be a mentor or co-mentor of 3 student works.

Year-round activity

Application for student works begin at the beginning of the school year and submission of abstracts is completed until January of the same academic year. In aim to facilitate the process of writing a work for its members, the Science Section organizes lectures, which deal with the most significant and applicable questions of research work. The deadline for submitting final works is in February. Students on this occasion gather all documents needed, among them the abstract both in Serbian and English, supporting documents, prepared according to the instructions shared by the Section.

After the submission of works, the Science Section organizes a review. A work is reviewed by 3 reviewers which are anonymous (names of reviewers are known only by members of the management section), in order to avoid subjectivity in the evaluation. A passing final score of review (6 to 10) is considered a green light for presentation at the local Student Congress of the Novi Sad Faculty of Medicine (,,Mini "Congress).


The Science Section of students organizes the Student Congress of the Novi Sad Faculty of Medicine - held every year in the second half of March. Here students also have the opportunity to present their works before a commission of teachers of our faculty and thus prepare for the presentation of their research at the National Congress. After successful evaluation with a passing grade is a requirement for participation in the Congress of Biomedical Science Students of Serbia with international participation (National Congress).

The National Congress is the largest student scientific event in the field of biomedicine in our country. Every year in late April, the Congress brings together about 800 students from the country.

After presenting and defending the work at the National Congress, the students are able to independently apply for student conferences abroad (Cairo, Porto, Groningen, Moscow, Banja Luka, Zagreb, Berlin, Leiden et al.), as well as the International Congress of Medical Students Novi Sad, which is organized by the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad at the university in July each year - IMSCNS (International Medical Students Congress in Novi Sad). More information on international congresses can be found here.

The Faculty of Medicine with the recommendation of Science Section can grant financial aid to students with the best works to attend these international meetings. Award-winning and best papers may also be published in the scientific journal Medical students "Eskulap". The best works from the National Congress may be published in the scientific journal "Medical Review". A student research work can later be used as topic for the diploma thesis.

Submitted by: IvanaMaksimovic