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Prospective students

Admission of students to the study programs at the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad is open to those who have graduated from 4-year secondary school, high school, a four-year medical school or pharmaceutical school. 

Admission of students to the studies in English is open to foreign stu­dents and citizens of Republic of Serbia if they are fluent English, which is evaluated by a relevant board. Applicants who present a valid certificate of language proficiency (IELTS, FC, TOEFL) can be excused from language testing.
Applicants for admission into the first year of studies in English at the Faculty of Medicine Novi Sad must pass the following entry exams:
The order of candidates for admission into the studies is established according to the results of the entrance examination and general results achieved at high school.
The results of the entry exam and the list of accepted candidates is published at the web-site of the Faculty of Medicine according to the schedule stated in the Call for Admission.

Enrolment contest into the first year of studies is carried out by the admission board appointed by the Educational Board of the Faculty of Medicine, whereas details about the procedure itself and entrance examination are arranged by a special record made by the Faculty Council.


Submitted by: IvanaMaksimovic